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Pergo Laminate Flooring

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Laminate flooring is a popular choice among homeowners Who are currently looking for something for their residence. It looks great, can match just about any décor, makes the house a “greener” home, and is extremely easy to install.

Pergo Laminate Flooring

Pergo has been around since 1977, and since then has gone Through technological advances to help it become what it is now and upgrades. Pergo lead the way and continues to do so to this day. Below are some examples of Pergo distinguishes itself.


Something every floor buyer looks into is the durability of the floor. Nobody wants to go through hassle, time and the cash of installing new flooring if they are not going to last for a long time, buying, moving furniture, and choosing. Carpets can become stained worn, and smelly while wood floors are expensive and can be tricky to keep looking fresh. Pergo floor is made with LusterGard technology. This technology helps prevent scratches from injuries and even has a heightened scratch and scuff resistant exterior. This makes Pergo the flooring for high traffic areas such as the kids’ playroom. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing floors that aren’t currently going to last. Make the choice and proceed with brand.


You obviously if you made the choice to purchase floors that are new There are many distinct finishes so matching any décor will not be an issue. Popular finishes include cherry barn wood, and even hickory. Most of the floors come with a premium underlayment attached to comfort and easy installation.


With Pergo laminate, spills such as nail polish or permanent Marker are kid stuff. The words Stay off the floor with that! May never pass your lips again. When you have difficult to eliminate spot on your floor simply clean it with no damage to your flooring, with a little bit of acetone!


Four-footed friends-no problem, shuffling feet spills For Pergo wood flors. It frees you to deliver the look you want to most demanding rooms, like kitchen. This floor was made to last!


Replacing floors is complete. By choosing Pergo flooring with the DIY friendly dual locking system, setup will be easy to complete over a weekend (unless your home is actually big).


Reusing your laminate wood is an innovative way to recycle. Before it is worn out, chances are, you’ll be tired of your floor’s pattern. You can pull up your old flooring and give it or install it in another room in your property. Now is just one of features that Pergo floor offers!


By choosing Pergo laminate flooring, You’ll Get a durable Floor that will last a very long time. The style looks And feels like wood, and you will have the ability to install it in virtually no time. Pergo Is the best choice for any smart homeowner!

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