Posted by Janet Craze on August 09, 2016

AB says: Dr Jonas is the reason that I am pregnant and feeling healthy today. I started my journey with him about a year after I had my first child. I was looking for a kinesthologist who could help me with orthotics and help my back stop hurting. Little did I know at the time that I would be utilizing much more of his expertise.

In the coming years I had developed several food sensitivities and I was constantly dealing with fatigue and body pain from fibromyalgia. Dr. Jonas had so many different areas to help me that the idea of becoming pregnant was a faraway dream. With lots of work and patience Dr. Jonas worked through all my issues and helped me to heal my damaged adrenal system. I also found out that my food sensitivity was actually severe gluten intolerance. This in turn allowed me to become pregnant and maintain a healthy pregnancy. I could never have reached this goal without his guidance, expertise and patience.

HA says: I am a healthcare practitioner and patient of Dr. Jonas. He offers a wide skill set and gentle techniques to effectively assess my injuries, aches and pains (which are often a moving target). In fact, each treatment is unique. His approach and outcomes reflect the focus, knowledge and talent he brings to his practice. Each follow up session is 30 minutes and he makes good use of the time. His approach is far removed from other chiropractors who push for 2-3x visits per week and perform the same 5 minute routine with each person. He has earned my appreciation for not only the outcomes of the treatments, but the integrity with which he approaches his practice. I am happy to recommend him!

SG says: Dr. Jonas is a genius. I can't recommend him highly enough. I was in very bad condition when I started coming to him and what he has done for me is really nothing short of miraculous. Additionally, he's a wonderful person.

RN says: I have seen Dr. Jonas a few times during the course of the last 4 years. He is my #1 choice for a Dr., since he takes the time to listen to my health concerns, and find out the most effective course of action to treat it. I just wish I could see him more often. I always speak highly of Dr. Jonas and recommend him to all my friends. Thank you Dr. Jonas.

KJ says: I have been seeing Dr. Jonas for almost 5 years. He is incredibly intuitive. I can't think of a time where I've left his office less than amazed at his vast level of knowledge and the wide array of conditions he is capable of healing. I am truly thankful for his approach, wanting my body to be strong and healthy on its own to heal, not wanting the "chiropractor-addicted patient." It is obvious what a dedicated healer he is and that is why I trust him and recommend him so highly. Thank you so much Dr. Jonas!!

JS says: Dr. Jonas always helps. He is a gifted healer. And, unlike other chiropractors, he recommends only what you actually need from him, rather than having you return week after week. He expects your body to heal, and he gives recommendations for what you should do between treatments.

IC says: It was great! Dr. Jonas always finds away to put my broken body back together. The back is feeling a lot better. Keep up the good work.

PF says: [Dr. Jonas] has helped me to see that I can beat diabetes. Thank you Dr. Jonas.

JS says: My hubby and I have been seeing Dr. J for over 4 years. Our monthly adjustments are crucial to our well-being. Dr. J always seems to understand and know what to do to relieve the discomforts of aging bodies. His encouragement and concern for my husband after his stroke helped to relieve the stress of that situation. He even came to visit my husband in the hospital after the stroke. I am grateful that he is in our lives. Thanks, Dr. J.

PD says: I brought in my 10-month-old son and was able to see immediate changes/results after a short adjustment. He's attentive and gentle with my lil one. Thank you so much!

RM says: It probably comes as no surprise given the slew of other 5-star reviews for Dr. Jonas, but I was impressed as always with his attentiveness, willingness to answer my questions, knowledge of the human body and my condition, and the overall exceptional care I received. I never feel rushed with Dr. Jonas and feel comfortable discussing my condition(s) with him. I know he knows what he's talking about--it is evidenced in his care. I honestly can't wait for my next appointment.

MS says: Dr. Jonas sincerely cares and listens. I have known Dr. Jonas for three years or more and he has always made me feel so much better after his treatment. He recommends exercises so that you stay feeling better and usually after 4 or 5 visits I feel great and do not have to see him again. Compared to other chiropractors that have you going back for 4 or 5 months! I recommended this great healer.

NC says: I have been to chiropractors my entire life but Dr. Jonas is by far the most attentive and knowledgeable I have ever seen. He listens to what the patient has to say and he explains in detail what he is doing and why. I have already referred several people to him after just one appointment. Thank you Dr. Jonas, I feel better already.

EM says: Dr. Jonas is a highly skilled, very dedicated professional. My husband and I have found him to be very attentive, knowledgeable, and effective in his methods of treatment. In addition to addressing structural and neuro-muscular concerns, he has also recommended protocols and exercises for improving our health and flexibility. We have noticed marked improvement in chronic problems, injuries, and overall health under his care. We highly recommend Dr. Jonas!

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