Tips On Choosing An Appropriate Rug

Posted by Janet Craze on December 23, 2016

If you need a new rug but you're not quite sure what you really want as well as you're not aware of what to consider while purchasing a rug, then this article is going to be of great help for you.

Space and environment

Space and environment are the major things you need to pay attention to while choosing a rug. Briefly speaking, you should think over the most suitable design of the rug in order to make it really matching into the interior where you're going to locate your rug.

Rugs have a peculiarity either to open space or make it seem much cosier. So, in dependence of what effect you'd like to get, consider a few major issues described further. If you want to make the room more spacious choose lighter colors and plain patterns of the rug. This will create a wonderful feeling of expansion and open space. But if wish to make a space cosier select the rugs of the darker colors with more ornaments or dense patterns. The greater number of traditional rugs is going to meet your requirements and desires. There's a wide choice of contemporary rugs that will quickly make a space cosier. It's up to you to choose from traditional or modern rugs.


Buying an appropriate rug it's recommended to decide what size of a rug you really need. If you choose the wrong-sized rug, it may greatly transform your room. For instance, if you choose an extremely big rug it will visually miniaturize your room. Generally, the standard sizes of rugs include:

* Small rugs having the size from three feet by five feet (90cm x 150cm) up to about four feet by six feet (120cm x 180cm).
* Medium rugs having the size to about eight feet by five feet (240cm x 150cm).
* Large rugs having the size to about eleven feet (330cm).
* Extra large having the size more than eleven feet (330cm).

However, today it has become possible to order the rug of any size you wish. Although such rugs are more expensive and their producing may require more time finally you'll be completely satisfied with the ideal product. If you've found the design of a rug you really like but its size leaves much to be desired, see the size chart whether custom sizes are available. If yes contact the manager for getting more detailed information and order the rug you've chosen.

Smaller rugs usually emphasize smaller pieces of furniture like a bed or a coffee table while larger rugs are mostly designed for dining rooms and other bigger rooms. If you're not sure what size of a rug will be more suitable for your living space it's recommended to purchase a standard-sized rug which is probably the most appropriate for any surrounding.

The next thing for you to decide where the major focal point is situated in your room. It may be either furniture, or fireplace or even a rug. The matter is that the focal point of your room may determine the kind of a rug you need as the rug attracts attention to the area where it is.