When and How Should Sliding Door Handles Be Replaced?

Posted by Janet Craze on September 05, 2016

Nowadays, sliding doors are very popular, especially those made of glass. They are used by people in different countries of the world, including the USA. As far as it is known, the main benefit of this type of doors is their beauty and the style they are able to add to any home or office.

Sliding glass door are usually installed in the back portions, side portions, or the house patio. There is a wrong opinion that these doors are not quite safe, but they are if used with proper lock systems. In any case, even the highest quality locks need to be repaired in the course of time. The same concerns sliding door handles which may experience definite problems as well because of which they won't be able to work in a proper way. As a rule, sliding door handles of the patio doors are subjected to damage and wear out most frequently. The handle and latch mechanism can get broken after a long time of constant usage. But you should not be afraid of replacing a handle as this task is not difficult.

After you have determined the problem with the sliding door handle, you'll need to start looking for an appropriate replacement. There're numerous hardware shops nowadays. They sell different types of handles for you to choose the most suitable especially for your needs and requirements. Sliding door handles vary in price so they are affordable for different categories of users. In case if you've found it to be difficult to find the ideal handle in a traditional shop, you can start your search online. A great number of websites will provide you with specialty catalogs filled with the real pictures of sliding door handles available as well as with the information about each model. Remember that the handles that contain wood are some of the highest quality ones.

You have probably faced the necessity to either replace the malfunctioning or broken sliding door handle. You can either invite an experienced expert to repair this item for you or you can save your money and try to do this task yourself. As it was already mentioned, this task can be done even on your own without the help of a professional. If you have a desire to do it yourself, you'll have to remove the malfunctioning or broken handle from your door. You can simply pull it from its location. After that you'll need to properly measure the size of the necessary door handle. This will help you to choose the right product in the home improvement shop on online. So, be careful here. Another option for you is to take the old handle with you to the shop and to find a new one of the similar size.

The measurements that you will need to take for buying a new door handle are: the door thickness, the distance between the door holes as well as the style that has to correspond to the current door jamb. Be careful to take the right measurements no to miss a point. In general, taking measurements on the sliding doors is a very easy task.

Looking for the appropriate sliding door handles, consider only the latest models with the better features. Handles in set with knobs are a wonderful option as they are easy to maintain and use as well as have a high quality. Try to learn which models are the most popular nowadays and look for one of them. If they are in demand it means that their quality is liked by a great number of users. It's recommended to purchase these products from honorable manufacturers who produce only high quality assortment.